The Mysterious World Of Alain Nu

Alain Nu "The Man Who Knows"

Mysterious energy, the power of thoughts, and mind-over-matter has piqued our interest throughout the ages. Alain Nu will show even the most skeptical audiences the awesome powers of the mind with his amazing and spellbinding talents.

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"To watch him is to throw out all the rules of psychics"
The Washington Post

"He did things that I had never seen before"
Las Vegas Review Journal

"Alain Nu is seriously mental"
Showbiz Magazine

A headlining performer at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for four straight years, Nu was also the international star of four hour-long television specials for TLC entitled “The Mysterious World of Alain Nu.” On January 20th, 2009, Alain was asked to appear before many of the living recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor at the Salute to Heroes Inaugural Ball which celebrated President Obama’s inauguration into the White House.

Alain Nu is “the man who knows” the hidden potential of our minds, and he proves it with every appearance!

Alain Nu at the Westin Grand

Alain Nu opens his show "Invisible Connections" starting Halloween weekend, Saturday October 30th, 2010 for a 10pm "late show" in Las Vegas, at the Clarion Hotel and Casino's beautiful Main Showroom every Saturday night, for a six week engagement.

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